Friday, October 7, 2011

Addendum to the Last Post

Sorry about the uncreative title.  I read through the assignment again and found out that I was supposed to preview video productions of the play as well.  Oops.  Well, I went back to the Internet and HBLL library and did some looking around, and didn't find a whole lot...Seems as though people aren't jumping at the chance to adapt Henry IV, part 1.  The BBC did do a production in 1979, which is probably the version I'm going to view (I think it's the one we subscribed to with Theater in Video).  The BBC generally makes good adaptations, if only because I'll actually see English actors playing English characters (Does anyone else cringe when they see English actors playing Germans or other European nationalities in old war movies?  I kinda do.  It's just weird to hear a supposedly German character pronounce territories as terr-e-trees.  But I digress).  Also, the library only has videocassettes available of this play, which I'm pretty sure I can't watch at home, since our VHS player doesn't work.  Really, library?  Really?  Who has those anymore?

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